"I know Miami Gardens like few others ever will. As a two-term city Councilwoman and former Vice-Mayor, I’m very excited about doing more to elevate the city and the people I so dearly love.  I'm running running for Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens because it has been my mission to help improve the lives of the amazing people that call it home. This young city is making progress. As your Mayor, we will continue to build on what we have achieved with a focus on addressing crime and safety as our highest priority. ."

Let's get real serious and focused about crime and the perception of crime and what it has done to tarnish our beautiful city. In order for us to take Miami Gardens to the next level we must fight crime, reduce it and address it on all levels. Crime in our city is a responsibility that we all must undertake and elevate it as the most critical and potentially harmful element to our city evolving into the great municipality that it can be. Make no mistake about it there are other elements that we must address but crime is clearly the highest priority and highest focus in my campaign for mayor and ass mayor you can expect my full commitment to addressing this. I'm hoping that you will join me and I'm hoping that you understand clearly where I'm coming from on that matter


Our seniors and our youth are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Our youth need opportunities, education and workforce training and support while our seniors need support and engagement to continue to be the amazing contributors to our community that they are.


There's so much development going on in Miami Gardens from renovating our 17 parks to a big development project that will bring in hotels and restaurants and a cultural arts center to a movie theater. That also includes a new shopping center. 

Miami Gardens has a dynamic future that includes a downtown along the 27th avenue corridor.  But there’s more we can do to improve the quality of life and nightlife for the residents. That includes more quality restaurants, like a nice steakhouse and places to bring our guests, and ice cream parlors, a sushi house and clean welcoming pizza outlets, vegan bakeries, wine bars and more. These comprise just a few areas where there are opportunities for more commerce I founded the Miami Gardens Wine and Food Festival with a vision of presenting a classy event for residents, visitors as well as local and national media.  I'm glad people saw how classy that event was so we have to bring more concepts like that to the city. Let's work on those items. 

Look at our list of vendors from Miami Gardens, and we can see where there is more opportunity for economic growth . We want the vendors to be included, and we want them to improve their deliverables so they can be positioned for growth..The residents should be involved too, as well as the city employees.


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